Leadership Quotes


A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. John C. Maxwell


Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions. Harold S. Geneen

The art of communication is the language of leadership. James Humes

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. Alexander the Great

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. Arnold H. Glasow

Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation. Simon Sinek

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. Ralph Nader

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs

No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. Andrew Carnegie

Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better. Bill Bradley

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